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Australia Jan 2016 (19 Days 18 Nights) – Brisbane Part 5 of 5

Day 14 to 19. Australia - Brisbane. Time Flies. It is already the last part of my 19 Days 18 Nights Australia trip. This is my first time to explore Brisbane City. The South Bank is my favourite area.

Australia Jan 2016 (19 Days 18 Nights) – Sydney Part 4 of 5

Day 11 to 14. Australia - Sydney. Finally we reach Sydney. Unfortunately it was raining through out our trip there. However, it was still fun. We enjoyed the lovely scenery especially the cityscape at Sydney Opera House and delicious food especially at Madang Korean BBQ and Pony Dining The Rocks.

Australia Jan 2016 (19 Days 18 Nights) – Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Newcastle Part 3 of 5

Day 8 to 10 in Australia. After enjoying ourselves in Gold Coast, we continue our road trip to Sydney. Before we reached Sydney, we make 3 stops (Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Newcastle).

Australia Jan 2016 (19 Days 18 Nights) – Gold Coast Part 2 of 5

Day 4 to 7 in Australia. Finally I get to continue the Australia Trip Part 2. Been busy busy busy... Let's continue the journey. After enjoying ourselves in Sunshine Coast, we make our way to Gold Coast. Day 4 to 7. Australia - Gold Coast.

Australia Dec 2015 (19 Days 18 Nights) – Sunshine Coast Part 1 of 5

Day 1 to 3. Australia - Sunshine Coast. As usual, I always take too long to start on my travel post. I guess it is better late than never haha. My First time going Sunshine Coast. Excited! Heard they have great beaches and not as crowded as Gold Coast. The soft fine sand... the sea breeze... Here I go to my favourite Australia~

Australia – Perth & Surrounds Aug 2015 (10 Days 9 Nights) Part 4 of 4

Day 9 to 10. Perth & Fremantle. Ops holiday is coming to an end. So sad! We finally spend some time in Perth City. Unfortunately, it had to be cut shorter as there is a city marathon and road closures. We had to drive out of the Perth very early as we need to go to the airport on that day. We decided to drop by to Fremantle before we leave for the airport.

Australia – Perth & Surrounds Aug 2015 (10 Days 9 Nights) Part 3 of 4

Day 7 to 8. Perth & Surrounds - Albany. A quiet port city in Australia with gorgeous beaches around it. After Albany, we will continue our road trip back to Perth city. Alas, my holiday is ending soon. Time Flies when you are having fun!

Australia – Perth & Surrounds Aug 2015 (10 Days 9 Nights) Part 2 of 4

Day 4 to 6. Perth & Surrounds - Busselton, Margaret River and Albany. I am finally going to Margaret River. The famous wine region. But I am not going to the wineries haha. Just continue to enjoy the sceneries and farms along the way to Albany.
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