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Sponsored Review: Chinese New Year Goodies By CNYDelivery

Poon confectionary was established in 1971. The Poon Family baked goods from home and sold them at hawker stalls in the streets of Malaysia. They finally expanded to the shores of Singapore in 2018. They have decided to launch their operations in Singapore on CNY DELIVERY SINGAPORE ( Poon confectionary upheld by their family tradition by continuing to make each cookie by hand, with only light machinery used. They also only deliver cookies that are freshly baked only a few days before you receive your order, so you can be sure you are receiving a quality cookie!

Mini Cupcakes by Sweetest Moments

Sweetest Moments offers full month packages, wedding packages, customised cakes and cupcakes (for birthdays, corporate events and other special occasions). Sweetest Moments has won several Best Full Month Packages awards from renowned parenthood magazines. They have also earned many compliments from satisfied parents. We love the customised mini cupcakes! They are so deliciously adorable and a huge hit among my guests especially the little kids.

Dessert Table by Jara Petit

Jara Petit Cheesecups is our Singapore homegrown bakery which is specialised in baking cheesecakes. They are popular for their 'Cheesecups' which is a hybrid between a cheesecake and a cupcake. Their dessert table is a lovely set up. The cheesecups are like little cheesecakes wrapped around in the lovely cups. Great for Special Occasions like Full Month Celebration.

Sponsored Review: Ondeh Ondeh Cake (Buttertrade)

Ondeh Ondeh Cake by Buttertrade ~ My wonderful Weekend starts with a delicious Ondeh Ondeh Cake from Buttertrade. Many Many Thanks to Buttertrade. Buttertrade - An Interesting and Catchy Name! Who is Buttertrade? Buttertrade is an online marketplace for cakes from boutique bakeries in Singapore. Make it easy for you to search across the boutique bakeries. After you order a cake from Buttertrade, they will liaise with the bakery to hand-make your cake and deliver it right where you want it. The best part is Buttertrade even reward you. You will earn Buttertrade Credits when you order from them and you will be able to use these points in your next purchase at Buttertrade.

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