Burlamacco Ristorante

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  • Foie Gras
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  • Shopping at 100am Amara Hotel
Contact Information
Address:77 Amoy Street, Singapore 069896
Contact No.: +65 6220 1763
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$51-$100

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 11.30-14.30
Mon – Sat: 18.30 – 22.30
Sunday: 11.30 – 14.30, 06.30- 22.30

My Rating: (4 out of 5)

I have never heard of Burlamacco till I heard some of my friends going there for Valentine Day Dinners. Singapore really have so many restaurant popping up every day. I went there for our friend lunch gathering. It was on a sunday. The place was quiet. I think we are like the only group around. It was also corkage free. That's a big plus point! More restaurants should consider having some corkage free days. burlamacco_table_layout burlamacco_ambience
Ambience The place looks quite small but it seem to have a lot of seating. Their roof top is designed to allow some natural light to seep in. This is a good idea. Save electricity in the day time. It also give an alfresco touch despite it is indoor.
Service Their service is quite accommodating and attentive. Unfortunately, they forgot our request for 2nd helping of the bread when we request for it. The food also arrives quite swiftly. When they took the wrong order, they also replace it gracefully. Food
~Lunch start with complimentary Bread~
I love their warm bread! It look hard but it is actually soft. I like it that they serve with slightly salted butter. Upon our request they also brought us olive oil and vinegar. I still prefer slightly salted butter.
~Pan fried Foie Gras with green tomato relish~ burlamacco_foie_gras
Foie Gras is always one of my favourite. Although it is sinful, it is just too nice to resist. Their foie gras is very thick. It is crispy outside and soft inside. Not the best I had but it is already pretty good.
~1.3 kg grilled grain fed Beef Tomahawk with truffle fries and mixed salad~ burlamacco_beef burlamacco_salad
Four of us shared the Tomahawk beef. I feel the beef is a bit too oily. There were many fatty parts. It is not bad but I wont' recommend for it. It is too oily and not very juicy. The salad was good. It is very fresh and the dressing is also very refreshing. The truffle fries is nothing to shout about.
~‘Crostata’ chocolate tart eruption with wild cherry ice cream~ burlamacco_chocolate_tart
When the staff serve the dish, my first thought was M&M chocolates. It is colorful and I am sure it will appeal to the kids. I think they should design it differently as I actually think it is too colorful that lose the elegance touch for the dish.
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