Bangkok Trip Jan 2015 (5 Days 4 Nights) Part 2 of 3

~Day 3~ An eventful day~ I was looking for a brunch place that I have not been there before. Saw some good reviews on "Kuppa Cafe". We took quite a long walk to look for the Kuppa Cafe. A morning workout for a good meal. Less guilty. It is also near Terminal 21 which is one of my favourite mall in Bangkok.

~Kuppa Cafe~
Address: Kuppa, 39 Sukhumvit Soi 16, Bangkok, Thailand
Website: [Visit Website]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Price: ~540 Baht per pax
Quick Review: We ordered the Crispy Pork Leg, Eggs Benedict and Cappuccino. A bit too pricy. The presentation seems a bit plain for the Eggs Benedict. The Crispy Pork Leg was better. The cakes on display look yummy. Unfortunately, we were too full to try. The place was spacious with different type of seatings. The sofa seating look comfy.
bangkok_2015_kc_ambience bangkok_2015_kc_ambience2 bangkok_2015_porkknuckle bangkok_2015_eggsbenedict bangkok_2015_coffee bangkok_2015_cakes

After having brunch, we proceed to Terminal 21 shopping mall. One of my favourite mall in Bangkok. Love the Mall! Beautifully Designed.

~Terminal 21~
Address: 2.88 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Sukhumvit Rd North Klongtoei Wattana bangkok 10110, Thailand
Website: [Visit Website]
My Rating (4 out of 5)
Quick Review: Beautifully decorated Shopping Mall with highlights of different countries. Highly recommended to visit their restrooms. Lots of people even went to each level to visit the restroom. Their staff are also dressed accordingly to each country theme.
bangkok_2015_t21_3 bangkok_2015_t21_6 bangkok_2015_t21_8 bangkok_2015_t21_5 bangkok_2015_t21_7 bangkok_2015_t21_4 bangkok_2015_t21_1 bangkok_2015_t21_2

After shopping for awhile, we decided to stop for a tea break. Farm Design Cafe looks interesting.

~Farm Design~
Address: Terminal 21 Mall
Website: [Visit Website]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Price: ~205 Baht per pax
Quick Review: Small Cozy Cafe. We ordered the Bao Bao Cheese cake, Classic Cheese cake, Frappe Strawberry Cheese cake and Rose Oolong Tea.
bangkok_2015_farmdesign bangkok_2015_cheesecake

We took BTS to Taksin Bridge station and the service boat to Asiatique.

Address: Former docks of the East Asiatic Company
My Rating (4 out of 5)
Quick Review: It reminds me of our Singapore's Clarke Quay. Just that it is a much bigger version. There are many shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.
bangkok_2015_ferry1 bangkok_2015_asiatique3 bangkok_2015_asiatique bangkok_2015_ferris bangkok_2015_asiatique2 bangkok_2015_locks bangkok_2015_asiatiquenight2 bangkok_2015_asiatiquenight1

We were still craving for a good crab dish. After surveying the area, we picked Ko Dang Talay. It was already pretty crowded when we walked in.

~Ko Dang Talay~
Address: Asiatique Boardwalk, Warehouse 7.
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Quick Review: We ordered Fried Fish, Stir Fried Crab with Yellow Curry Powder and Clams. The crab is pretty good. However, we still miss the crab from Somboon that we had in 2013.
bangkok_2015_kodangtalay bangkok_2015_kdl_door bangkok_2015_kdl_ambience bangkok_2015_crab bangkok_2015_fish bangkok_2015_clams

Time for Desserts! We went to catch desserts at Mango Tango recommended by many reviews and friends!

~Mango Tango~
Address: Asiatique The Riverfront, Warehouse 1
Website: [Visit Website]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Quick Review: We ordered a mango sticky rice to share. Finally, I satisfy my mango sticky rice craving. The mango was very sweet and fresh.
bangkok_2015_mangotango bangkok_2015_mango

We left Asiatique early as we wanted to catch the free service ferry and take the BTS back to our hotel. On the way back, we realised Hello Kitty House was still open. Awesome! There was no queue as it was near to closing time.

~Hello Kitty House~
Address: Siam Square One
Website: [Visit Website]
My Rating (4 out of 5)
Quick Review: Hello Kitty Fans! This is a must visit. The whole place is so so LOVELY!
bangkok_2015_hellokittymaindoor bangkok_2015_hellokitty2 bangkok_2015_hellokitty3 bangkok_2015_hellokitty4 bangkok_2015_kh_cakes bangkok_2015_hellokitty5 bangkok_2015_hellokitty6 bangkok_2015_hellokitty1

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