Baby Travis Photoshoot (2 Months Old) by Baby U International Photo Studio

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Address: 6 Harvey Avenue, Singapore 489474
Contact No.: +65 6405 5093/ +65 9092 7868
Nearest MRT Station: Simei/ Expo
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Baby U International Photo Studio ~ I was hesitant to do baby photography for Baby Travis. It would be rather extravagant to many people. Eventually, we still went for it. We went to Baby U International Photo Studio as they are collaborating with Thomson Medical Centre where Baby Travis was delivered. I was afraid that he might not be in the mood to take pictures during the session. The staff at Baby U International Photo Studio were very professional and able to pose him well. They took very beautiful pictures of him. We received a lot of compliments and our friends were saying they would love to do photoshoot for their babies in future too. I can't wait for June 2017 to arrive to do his next photoshoot when he is 6 months old.
Below are some of pictures from the photoshoot:
BabyU_650_1 BabyU_650_2 BabyU_650_3 BabyU_650_4 BabyU_650_5 BabyU_650_6 BabyU_650_7 BabyU_650_8 BabyU_650_9 BabyU_650_10 BabyU_650_14 BabyU_650_11 BabyU_650_15 BabyU_650_16 BabyU_650_17 BabyU_650_18 BabyU_650_19


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