Australia Dec 2015 (19 Days 18 Nights) – Sunshine Coast Part 1 of 5

Day 1 to 3. Australia - Sunshine Coast. As usual, I always take too long to start on my travel post. I guess it is better late than never haha. It was a 18 days Australia trip! Woah. Longer than my usual holidays. The thought of researching and book accommodations is already tiring.
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My First time going Sunshine Coast. Excited! Heard they have great beaches and not as crowded as Gold Coast. The soft fine sand... the sea breeze... Here I go to my favourite Australia~
Watch my Highlights of Sunshine Coast Trip in Dec 2015 video! If you like, continue to read on~ ~Day 1~ We took a flight out on Christmas Day 12:45am and did our Christmas Countdown in the Singapore Changi Airport. We went to the Terminal 3 Kopitiam Food Court and catch some local delights before going to Australia! My favourite oyster egg, char kway tiao, chinese dumplings, ice kacang, pulut hitam. Yum Yum. Sunshine_Coast_65021 Sunshine_Coast_65022 Sunshine_Coast_65023 Sunshine_Coast_65024 Sunshine_Coast_65025 Sunshine_Coast_65026
We check in and walk around the duty free zone. The Changi Airport staff are singing Christmas Carols. Christmas is in air~ Sunshine_Coast_65027
We took a midnight flight from Singapore to Brisbane at about 12:45am. Landed in Brisbane at about 10:45am (8 hours flight). Sunshine_Coast_6501 Sunshine_Coast_65028 Sunshine_Coast_65029 Sunshine_Coast_65030
Once we reach the Brisbane airport, I am glad that they have a Optus counter at the airport. We went to get Sim Card. It is always important to me that there is data connection when travelling especially for road trips. Sunshine_Coast_65031
Grab some brochures before going for some light breakfast. Sunshine_Coast_65032
Spotted "The Coffee Club" cafe in the airport. First meal in Australia! Grab a light breakfast and cappuccino before we start our journey.
Sunshine_Coast_6502 Sunshine_Coast_65034 Sunshine_Coast_65035 Sunshine_Coast_65033
After getting some light breakfast, we make our way to Avis counter to collect our car.

~Avis Rental~
Address: Terminal Buildings, Brisbane, QLD, 4007, Australia
Car Rental Website: [View Website]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Quick Review: We got the car key from the counter and make our way to the car park and search for the car. We got a white Holden car. Very spacious. Not very very clean and new but acceptable.
Sunshine_Coast_65036 Sunshine_Coast_65037

If you buy things from Woolsworth, you may get a Caltex petrol discount coupon where you may be able to save 4 cents per litre.

Here we are reach Oaks Oasis our home for next few days.
~Oaks Oasis Resort~
Address: 2 North St, Caloundra QLD 4551, Australia
Website: [Visit Website]
Book with Agoda: [View Agoda]
Tripadvisor: [View Reviews from Tripadvisor]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Quick Review: Our room were at 3rd level. Better view but tiring to climb up and down with luggages. The room is very clean and spacious with balcony and kitchenette. Heard they were newly renovated. There is also a water park. Good for family with kids.
Sunshine_Coast_65039 Sunshine_Coast_65040 Sunshine_Coast_65041 Sunshine_Coast_65042 Sunshine_Coast_65043 Sunshine_Coast_65044 Sunshine_Coast_65045 Sunshine_Coast_65046 Sunshine_Coast_65047 Sunshine_Coast_65048 Sunshine_Coast_65049 Sunshine_Coast_65050 Sunshine_Coast_65051

After a good rest, we proceed to hunt for our dinner. We went to Kings Beach. Christmas Day is really hard to find food places in Australia. My goodness Even the fast food chain are also close. The whole place is like dead town!!

Sunshine_Coast_65053 Sunshine_Coast_65054 Sunshine_Coast_6504
~Pappa`Delles Italian Restaurant~
Website: [Visit Website]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Quick Review: Thank goodness that they are open on Christmas day!! Or we will starving on Christmas. We ordered chicken and mushroom risotto and Stockmans Pizza.
Sunshine_Coast_65055 Sunshine_Coast_65056 Sunshine_Coast_65057 Sunshine_Coast_65058 Sunshine_Coast_65059 Sunshine_Coast_65060 Sunshine_Coast_6503

After having our christmas dinner, we had a walk and drove back to our resort. Passed by this pretty building that is well decorated with christmas lightings. Sunshine_Coast_65061 Sunshine_Coast_65062 Sunshine_Coast_65063 Sunshine_Coast_65064

Woke up and head for our breakfast provided by the resort. Yummy breakfast while siting beside the water lily pond. So relax Sunshine_Coast_65065 Sunshine_Coast_65066 Sunshine_Coast_65067 Sunshine_Coast_65068 Sunshine_Coast_65069 Sunshine_Coast_65070 Sunshine_Coast_65071 Sunshine_Coast_65072 Sunshine_Coast_65073

We start our day with my new sunglass bought at Changi Airport. Sunshine_Coast_6506

~Big Top Shopping Centre~
Address: 12-20 Ocean Street Maroochydore, QLD 4558
Website: [Visit Website]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Quick Review: Disappointing. We wanted to visit the farmers market at the Big Top Shopping Centre. It was not mentioned on their website that they will be closed. Hence, we couldn't visit it. We went to Woolsworth instead. One of my favourite supermarket. There is always a wide variety of fresh produce. I learn something new that there is another name of papaya. "Paw Paw". So cute. Bought food for picnic at the beach later. Note (As of 9 July 2016): I have check their site the Big Top Shopping Centre has ceased the farmers market.
Sunshine_Coast_65080 Sunshine_Coast_65079 Sunshine_Coast_65078 Sunshine_Coast_65074 Sunshine_Coast_65075 Sunshine_Coast_65076 Sunshine_Coast_65077

On our way to carpark. We notice the crowd at Sunshine Plaza. We decided to check it out.

~Sunshine Plaza~
Address: Horton Parade, Maroochydore
Website: [Visit Website]
Tripadvisor: [View Reviews from Tripadvisor]
My Rating (4 out of 5)
Quick Review: There were quite a few restaurant along the river. Nice view. Great place for eating and shopping. We went shopping and bought myself a new cap. Delighted! It was so sunny. The cap came right in time! Is it nice on me? Haha We took a coffee break there too.
Sunshine_Coast_65081 Sunshine_Coast_65082 Sunshine_Coast_65083 Sunshine_Coast_65084 Sunshine_Coast_65085 Sunshine_Coast_65086 Sunshine_Coast_65087 Sunshine_Coast_6507 Sunshine_Coast_6509

Yippee! We are finally going to head out to the beach. Lovely fine sand and blue sea. Here we come!~

~Sunshine Beach~
Address: Sunshine Beach QLD 4567, Australia
Website: [Visit Website]
My Rating (4 out of 5)
Quick Review: Lovely place to relax! I customise my own salad bowl but adding Jamie's Orange & Black Pepper Smoked Salmon. We had bananas, fruit juice, coffee, doritos, yoghurt and salad with the beautiful scenery for lunch. Amazing! Lucky it wasn't too windy or we will have sand all over our food haha. So be careful guys when you plan for picnic on the beach. Nice place to take a nap on the fine sand. ZzZzzZzz
Sunshine_Coast_65088 Sunshine_Coast_65089 Sunshine_Coast_65090 Sunshine_Coast_65091 Sunshine_Coast_65092 Sunshine_Coast_65093 Sunshine_Coast_65010 Sunshine_Coast_65011 Sunshine_Coast_65012

Soon it is time for Dinner!~ We had a short walk at Noosa Main Beach. Sunshine_Coast_65094 Sunshine_Coast_65095 Sunshine_Coast_65097

We heard good reviews for Betty's Burger. Here we go and grab some burgers!

~Betty's Burger~
Address: SHOP 2/50 Hastings St
Website: [Visit Website]
Tripadvisor: [View Reviews from Tripadvisor]
My Rating (4 out of 5)
Quick Review: We ordered Betty's Classic Stack (Betty’s Classic and a Shroom Burger combined) $16, Onion rings (Crisp fried beer battered onions) $6, Thick Shake $8, Pure Blond Beer $7.50. We also had Betty’s Baked Apple Pie Concrete (Vanilla custard, baked apple pie, caramel sauce) $8 for dessert. All so Delicious!~ The onion rings were very crispy.
Sunshine_Coast_65098 Sunshine_Coast_65099 Sunshine_Coast_650100 Sunshine_Coast_650101 Sunshine_Coast_650102 Sunshine_Coast_650103 Sunshine_Coast_650104 Sunshine_Coast_65013

We had another short walk around and head back . Have a good night rest.... Sunshine_Coast_650105

~Day 2~ Yawnz.. Woke up to a new day! We had our breakfast and head out to Caloundra Street Fair. Sunshine_Coast_65014

~Caloundra Street Fair~
Address: Bulcock St, Caloundra QLD 4551, Australia
Website: [Visit Website]
Tripadvisor: [View Reviews from Tripadvisor]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Quick Review: A nice street fair which has up to 200 stallholders each week. They have a wide variety of products. There is fresh food, street food and also local performers. We went for a coffee break at a nearby cafe too.
Sunshine_Coast_650106 Sunshine_Coast_650107 Sunshine_Coast_650108 Sunshine_Coast_650109 Sunshine_Coast_650110 Sunshine_Coast_65015

Next we head out to Mooloolaba Beach area. We stumbled upon Fish on Parkyn. This is the one! Sunshine_Coast_65017

~Fish on Parkyn~
Address: 25 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba QLD 4557, Australia
Website: [Visit Website]
Tripadvisor: [View Reviews from Tripadvisor]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Quick Review: The squid was the most memorable. Very tender and delicious. We also ordered fish and the side dish was coconut rice. Very interesting combination. Love the coconut rice! Very Fragrant.
Sunshine_Coast_650113 Sunshine_Coast_650114 Sunshine_Coast_650115 Sunshine_Coast_650116

After lunch, we take a walk and relax at Mooloolaba Beach. Sunshine_Coast_650111 Sunshine_Coast_650112 Sunshine_Coast_650117 Sunshine_Coast_65016

We almost left the area and saw Yogurt World. Had some craving for cold stuff. Decided to stop by.

~Yogurt World~
Address: 129 Mooloolaba Espl, Mooloolaba QLD 4557, Australia
Website: [Visit Website]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Quick Review: Wow a wide variety of Yogurt flavors and toppings! Yummy! Love the smooth yogurt and my creative mix of toppings! Haha A dessert before Dinner!
Sunshine_Coast_650118 Sunshine_Coast_650119 Sunshine_Coast_650120 Sunshine_Coast_650121 Sunshine_Coast_650122 Sunshine_Coast_650123 Sunshine_Coast_65019

Looking forward to my dinner place. Noosa Boathouse.

~Noosa Boathouse~
Address: 194 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville QLD 4566, Australia
Website: [Visit Website]
Tripadvisor: [View Reviews from Tripadvisor]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Quick Review: We ordered their "Seafood Experience for 2". It is a 3 tiered seafood platter - fresh moolooba prawns, moreton bay bugs, freshly shucked natural oysters, fraser isle spanner crab green papaya salad & chilli cane juice dressing, salt & pepper clamari, battered qld barramundi & prawns, chips, charred garlic ciabatta, condiments, melon! Wow what a spread! I love variety! You get to try so many different local and australian seafood at 1 shot. Love the presentation! I also enjoy the scenery while we enjoy the seafood.
Sunshine_Coast_650124 Sunshine_Coast_650125 Sunshine_Coast_650127 Sunshine_Coast_650126 Sunshine_Coast_650132 Sunshine_Coast_650133 Sunshine_Coast_650129 Sunshine_Coast_650128 Sunshine_Coast_650130 Sunshine_Coast_650131 Sunshine_Coast_65020

Time flies. Next day we will be heading out to Gold Coast. Another of my favourite and memorable place in Australia! ~Day 3~ Yawnz.. Woke up earlier to catch breakfast and my "Paw Paw". So juicy and sweet. Sunshine_Coast_650134
We wanted to visit Sunshine Sunshine Expresso to check out the donuts. Unfortunately, they were closed. Disappointed. Sad Unable to satisfy my donut craving. Sob sob. We continue our journey to Gold Coast and make some stops for snacks at Petrol station. Sunshine_Coast_650135 Sunshine_Coast_650136 Sunshine_Coast_650137 Sunshine_Coast_650138

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