Adrift by David Myers (Marina Bay Sands)

Recommended Dish(s) to try
  • Miso Glazed Pork Chop
  • Coconut Poached Suzuki Fish
Contact Information
Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Hotel Lobby Tower 2, Singapore 018956
Contact No.: +65 6688 5657
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Nearest MRT Station: Bayfront MRT
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Price Range (per pax): S$51 - S$100

Opening Hours
Daily: 7:00am - 2:00am

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Adrift By David Myers ~ Located at popular Marina Bay Sands. Went during the Singapore Restaurant Week October 2016. I always enjoy trying new restaurants. Singapore Restaurant Week always gives good opportunity to try new restaurants. This round I picked Adrift By David Myers. Can't wait to try their Asian inspired dishes prepared using fresh Californian produce.

adrift_650_2 adrift_650_3

It is quite spacious. A cozy, dimly lit ambience. They have cozy, low sofa seats and round table. Great for couples and family/ friends gatherings. I will prefer it is slightly brighter so that I can see the dishes clearly. The dim light hides the beauty of the dishes.
adrift_650_26 adrift_650_25 adrift_650_18

After making a reservation via restaurant week, they called to confirm the reservation. The service staff swiftly bring us to our seat and took our orders. They took initiative to help us take photos. They also design the desserts to include the our anniversary greetings. So Sweet of Them! Appreciate that the service staff check whether we need complimentary self-park if we are entitled. Felt so sore over this. Especially the parking charges is not cheap.
adrift_650_4 adrift_650_1

We ordered 2 restaurant week set menus - S$58++. ~ Complimentary Dish ~
I am not quite sure of this dish. The texture feels like thin crispy slices of the popular indonesia chips - Emping but not bitter. They sprinkle some spice powder on it and it complement well with the mayonnaise.
adrift_650_6 adrift_650_5

~ Chilled King Prawn ~
Chilled King Prawn with cucumber and masala dressing. The fresh succulent prawn with waves of healthy refreshing cucumber. A very refreshing dish to start off the dinner set.
adrift_650_7 adrift_650_8

~ Big Eye Tuna Tartare ~
Big Eye Tuna Tartare with Ginger Flower, Shiso, and tofu puree. I can't says much about this dish as I couldn't try it. Understand it is also fresh but the Chilled King Prawn was a better starter dish.

~ Miso Glazed Pork Chop ~
Miso Glazed Pork Chop with roasted brussel sprouts and spiced apples. A delicious memorable dish. The pork chop was so tender and juicy! It reminded me of our cantonese barbecued pork - Char Siu (叉燒). It is evenly well-cooked. I also love the knife they provided for cutting the pork chop. The hand grip is very comfortable. It is super suitable for cutting pork chop and steak.
adrift_650_15 adrift_650_11 adrift_650_16 adrift_650_17

~ Coconut Poached Suzuki Fish ~
Coconut Poached Suzuki Fish (Japanese sea bass) with spiced kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and pea tendrils. Love the flavorful, tender and flaky fish exuding light coconut fragrance. The crispy thin with hints of sweetness kabocha goes well with the fish.
adrift_650_12 adrift_650_13 adrift_650_14

~ Desserts - Spiced Chocolate Fritter ~
Spiced Chocolate Fritter with persimmon with ginger ice cream. The ginger ice cream melted quickly as we were busy taking pictures with it. Their desserts are unique. Not the usual sweet type of dessert. As I cut through the crispy hard chocolate fritter, the liquid chocolate with spices is revealed. The taste is exotic. It is very special.
adrift_650_20 adrift_650_24

~ Desserts - Peppercorn Mille Feuille ~
Peppercorn Mille Feuille with cherry and almond ice cream. Mille Feuille. A French pastry with layers of puff pastry. Very light. Interesting Sweetness from the almond ice cream with hints of pepppery.
adrift_650_20 adrift_650_24 adrift_650_22

~ Drinks (Singapore Sling & Fresh Fruit Fix) ~
Singapore Sling (gin, liqueurs, pineapple, lemon). Our All-time favourite uniquely singapore cocktail. Fresh Fruit Fix. (muddled seasonal fruit, fresh lemon, honey) Think the seasonal fruit is raspberry. It is a bit sour but it is acceptable. A very refreshing drink at the end of the meal.

Adrift By David Myers ~ Located at popular Marina Bay Sands. Accessible via Bayfront MRT. A cozy, dimly lit ambience. Great for couples and family/ friends gatherings. I will prefer it is slightly brighter so that I can see the dishes clearly. The dim light hides the beauty of the dishes. We ordered 2 restaurant week set dinner. Love the Miso Glazed Pork Chop. Very tender and moist. Memorable dish!
Do take note that they have complimentary self-park coupon with min. spend of S$75 (lunch) and S$150 (dinner). Limited to 1 ticket per table only. Was so sore over this.
We (2 pax) have tried the following restaurant week dinner set at S$58++ for dinner:
- Starters: Chilled King Prawn or Big Eye Tuna Tartare
- Main: Miso Glazed Pork Chop or Coconut Poached Suzuki Fish
- Desserts: Spiced Chocolate Fritter or Peppercorn Mille Feuille


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