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I been reading restaurant reviews since a real long time ago. It started when I decided to go to a fine dining restaurant within my small budget. I actually spent 3 months reading. There were lots of really awesome places but of course some were way beyond my budget. In the end, I picked Pontini. It was great. The service was very attentive. My efforts paid off.

I always like to try different varieties of food and different food places. Hawker Centres to Fine Dining Restaurants. Slowly this passion grew to taking pictures of the food and places that I been.
With my passion for exploring new food places and travel destination, EatDreamLove, a food and travel blog website start to reveal itself. Hopefully, my travel blog will help others save some effort on making their itinerary.

I once heard a quote in order to remember something, the best way is to always make effort to remember it. I want to make sure all these amazing memories stay with me and also share all these experiences with everyone.

Now…EatDreamLove start its journey in the amazing world of experiences with you …


EatDreamLove welcomes any enquiries, feedback or suggestions!
You can also email me at eatdreamlove@gmail.com

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