Sponsored Review: Mini Christmas Tree by A Better Florist

What is the first thing comes to mind when you think of Christmas? For me, it is CHRISTMAS TREE!
After having my own place, every December I will have the same thoughts. Shall I get a Christmas Tree for Christmas Celebration? It feels so heartwarming as it encourages some family quality time in the process of decorating it too. Many of my friends use fake Christmas trees as they are often durable. However, the thought of storing it in a proper place and ensures that the tree retains its original shape and style is very daunting. Hence, after many years, I still did not get a Christmas Tree.
Many Thanks to A Better Florist (abetterflorist.com) for making my wish come true. Now I have an adorable Mini Christmas Tree for my Christmas 2016 Celebration!


A Better Florist has grown tremendously over the course of one year as a start up and they have been featured on Forbes, Huffingtonpost and Straits Times. A Better Florist team aspires in giving and receiving flowers should be simple, affordable and beautiful. They source directly from flower farms in the Cameron Highlands to offer the freshest product at an affordable price.

A Better Florist offers "The Elfie" - An adorable live cypress tree (Measures 14cm wide and 35cm tall, including the ceramic pot). It comes with an elegant ceramic pot and ribbon for the top. They also also includes 8 baubles. You can decorate the tree with your family using the 8 baubles to light it up with colors.
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I can customise the look of it. I trimmed the string on the baubles to my desired length.

My family and I arranged and tie the baubles on to the tree. Ta Da~

We even further customised the look of the tree with our own decorations - My cute bear that I bought from London and other christmas baubles.

~Maintenance Tip for the Elfie~
You just need to Water it Every Other Day and ensure the soil is damp. You should place it at a place with Indirect Sunlight.

~PROMOTION (Till 30 June 2017)~
Use code 'EILEEN20' on checkout at abetterflorist.com to enjoy 20% off the flowers.

Merry Merry Christmas in advance! Enjoy family bonding time while decorating your place with your loved ones!
Above information is for reference only. Please always contact A Better Florist (abetterflorist.com) for the latest details.

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